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Sutter Buttes Mfg, LLC designs and fabricates quality, Commercial Grade Orchard Cabs for tractors, Complete Self-Propelled Bank Outs, Specialty Ag Trailers, and Implements. Our initial products are high horsepower, low profile orchard cab tractor line. These are designs made by the farmer for the farmer.

Our project started in May 2014 with Sutter Buttes MFG answering the call from Case IH North America to produce a high horsepower, low profile orchard cab tractor line.  Sutter Buttes was able to formulate an effective orchard cab design strategy that included feedback from Case IH, their dealers and farmers in all aspects of the cab design.  This process resulted in “a cab designed for the farmer, by the farmer.”  Seven months and 5 prototypes later, we have a robustly designed, extremely comfortable, very low profile orchard cab that offers great visibility, SAE ROPs certification outfitted with Case IH OEM parts.  Case IH and their customers provided input and inspiration throughout every stage of design, development and manufacture of this first ever Case IH approved, low profile orchard cab. The result is a cab that compiles the insight from hundreds of growers, dealers, and Case IH.

SBM has always been concerned with producing the highest quality products possible and we are bringing that focus on quality to the orchard cab project. With the valuable help and input from our customers SBM has produced our new and improved Low Pro Cab.  This Cab has many new features including ½ “ bullet proof glass, 1 ½ “ additional head room, rear hatch window, an ergonomically designed interior and still SAE J1194 ROPs certification. We have also included a few extra options including full or half limb sweeps and a roof scratch guard which helps reduce interior noise when limbs are raking the roof of the cab.  We have switched to HERH 1/2 Bullet Proof, Tempered and Laminated Glass. These windows will provide added durability as well as safety for the operator and will also continue to provide our sleek exterior finish. Everyone at SBM looks forward to showing you all of our improvements to our 2016 Low Pro Cab. We have once again built the most robust, heavy duty and comfortable orchard cab at a very competitive price point.

As we’ve grown so has our product line which includes Bank Outs, implements and much more.



Answering the Call

May 2014 with CIM answering the call from Case IH North America to produce a high horsepower, low profile orchard cab tractor line.

Purchased Assets

November 2015, Sutter Buttes Manufacturing(SBM) purchased these assets from CIM.