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New Holland Orchard Low Pro Cab

Our Low Pro Cab is a protective enclosure specifically designed for the orchard industry. The quality construction is certified to SAE and OSHA standards and the cab is installed to original New Holland mounts with rubber insulators. The comfortable interior is easy to access through large entry doors and the environment is climate controlled with a cab heater and air conditioner. A sound and heat deadening floor mat and easy to use controls keeps the operator comfortable throughout long work days.

Comfortable Interior with Large Entry Door

• Heavy Duty pressurizer/filter
• Climate Control Artic Cool A/C
• Quality acoustical floor mats and headliner for superior noise reduction
• Mylar fire wall liner to prevent engine heat transfer to cab
• Limb protection: Full or Half Limb Sweeps
• AM/FM Stereo with auxiliary
• Fuel tank & lower engine side guards
• Powder Coated Finish
• Uni-body steel construction
• Narrow Low Profile

Cab and fenders are constructed of welded steel. Cab exceeds SAE J1194 ROPs standards but is still lightweight. Cab weight is equivalent to the New Holland standard cab.

The small profile still allows ample room for the operator. Even larger operators will appreciate the roomy, non-cramped feel.

Controls, electronics, and similar parts are sourced directly from New Holland. Dealers will be able to source almost every part through the New Holland part system.


• Full lower guard (Belly Pans)
• Rotary beacon & guard
• Charcoal filter for pressurizer
• Work lights (2 front 2 rear)
• Front Window Visor
• Roof Scratch Guard (UHMW)
• Limb protection, full or half


Bullet Proof Glass
The operator has ample views of the work area while maintaining maximum safety behind HERH ½” Bullet Proof, tempered and laminated glass. The rear hatch allows the operator to see the entire three point hitch for ease of implement attachments


The operator has excellent views of the work area in all directions. The rear view allows the operator to see the entire three point hitch, and all of the remotes by simply turning in the seat. All windows are recessed for a smooth flat side that will not hang up on tree limbs.  Windows are made of HERH 1/2″ Bullet proof, tempered and laminated safety glass.