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Rice Bankout



The Cab was specifically designed with improved visibility and operator comfort in mind. With a Multi Function Console housing the Information Screen and Main Control Switches, Automatic Heating and A/C,  High Back 8-Way Seat with Adjustable Air Ride and Tilt and Telescoping Steering Wheel,  long days in the field will not feel as long.

Visibility is finally here. The Driver position is optimum for ease of loading and unloading functions.  Never before has it been so easy to see into the truck bin. 

Dual Rear View Mirrors and line of sight is better then ever.

BO Cab.png

CUMMINS 6.7 QSB and Allison 5th Generation 3000 RDS, Producing 260HP. The Allison Electronic Controls fully oversees the operation of the transmission, controlling upshifts and downshifts and providing important information on the drive system.  A “check transmission” illuminates on the shifter if a problem is detected.  Trouble codes can be displayed.

RS260 Nose.jpg

Whatever the condition, this powertrain delivers the power you need!

RS 260 Hydraulics.jpg

Hydraulically Driven System

Ergonomically Controlled From the "Driver Switch Panel"


Failsafe over-ride to prevent Floor Auger Operation without Vertical Auger engaged 

Fastest Unloading System Ever!

Rice Auger.jpg

Proprietary Auger Self-Aligning and Locking 

RS 260 Auger.jpg

Made in the USA for over 100 Years!

AxleTech 5000 Series Axles


Engine- New 6.7 Cummins QSB

Horsepower- 275hp

Transmission- New Allison RDS Series 3000

Axletech 5000 Series Planetary, 2W Steer,  4W Steer & Crab Steer

Tires- Rice & Cain  Titan 23.1X26

PTO- Hydraulic  Motors, No Chains

Fuel Capacity- 48 Gallons (191L)

Auger- 14”  Proprietary Engaging

Storage- High Capacity Approximately 250 Sack

Hydraulic Auger Shield

32 MPH Road Speed


Comfortable insulated two-person cab.

Deep Storage Hatch next to driver

Rear Cargo Bins and Cup Holders

Touch Button Shifting and Transmission Health

Air Brake Parking Control

Electronic Throttle Peddle

Rocker Switch Hydraulic PTO and Augers

Bankout Yellow.png



Sprayer Options


Spray Skid 500 Gallon Tank with ACE 208 Pump & Boom Rack

Spray Skid 1200 Gallon Tank with ACE 208 Pump & Boom Rack

90 Foot Boom with 7 Section Raven Valve, Raven Flow Meter Nozzle Bodies, Clamps & Hoses, 4 Link with Frame Mount

100 Foot Boom with 7 Section Raven Valve, Raven Flow Meter Nozzle Bodies, Clamps & Hoses, 4 Link with Frame Mount

Water Truck Skid 1600 Gallon Poly Tank, HWD Pump, Rear & Side Spray Nozzles

Nurse Truck Skid 1600 Gallon Poly Tank, HWD Pump, 3" Hose

Wheel & Tire Packages

Standard Rice & Cain in a variety of sizes

Steel V Wheels for Spraying Rice, 76" Diameter 12 Paddle

Stomping Wheel Kit 4 Stomper Wheels & Double Wheel Trailer

Supporting Equipment

Low Profile Trailer

Swapping Garage-2, 3 and 4 Bay Options

RS260 .jpg
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