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SBM has grown through attention to detail, quality manufacturing and innovative design. We will continue to rely on customer feedback to improve both our products and our company. 

We look forward to the future and what is next for SBM.

There are new products on the horizon. 

Product Growth

The Beginning, Nevada Smith started manufacturing agricultural equipment as an ancillary function to his farming operation.  Years of working on farming equipment combined with his natural mechanical abilities gave him the foresight and an affinity for building equipment. He also realized the need to build “better equipment” for the agricultural market. Nevada began manufacturing Rice Bank-outs and Chisels while maintaining his farming operations.


Nevada learned of a small startup manufacturing company that produced cabs for orchard tractors. The company was answering a call from Case IH North America to produce a high horsepower, low profile orchard cab tractor line.  The company was occupying a large building in Gridley Ca. Nevada acquired the orchard cab business and purchased the building. This provided the opportunity to organize both businesses under one roof.


SBM was able to formulate an effective orchard cab design strategy that included feedback from Case IH, their dealers and farmers in all aspects of the cab design. Over 58 design changes were made the first year alone.  During this time we also began manufacturing orchard cabs for New Holland.


The improvements to the cab design led to an award-winning product at the World Ag Expo 2019.


We have developed a new model for CNH to fit their narrow models, the New Holland “F” Series and Case “N” series tractors.


Our design team responds to the changing demands of the industry. Having engineers in house allow us to respond quickly while working with the manufacturing team to insure product design performance. Our team has developed and is currently manufacturing Specialty Agriculture Trailers, Chisels, Orchard Disc, Fuel Trailers along side our Orchard Cabs and Rice Bank-outs.


As the company has grown we have reinvested into our infrastructure. We have recently added one of the largest Powder Coat Facilities in California with a 40’ Media Blast Booth’s and Oven. With 22 years of experience in Coatings, our Manager delivers on the SBM promise to deliver the highest quality. Additionally we have added Robotics and other imperative equipment to continue our development.

Product Launches

Field Former Shop SBM.jpg
Case 120C Fender Kit.jpg

Field Former FF22

Orcahrd SBM.jpg

Orchard Disc

Case 120C Orchard Fender Kit


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